Plaid Food Court

Highland Park High PTA Food Service will provide high quality, nutritious food in a professional, welcoming and courteous environment while maintaining a financially secure operation. 

HPISD Food Service Nutritional and Product Information 

Serving Hours

Breakfast is served daily 7:30 AM - 8:20 AM

Lunch is served daily.  All selections are available Period 4 thru 6.

Serving hours 10:50 AM - 1:30 PM

Serving Hours will vary with Bell Schedule


Click here to read more about making online payments to your child's cafeteria account.

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Note: Food choices on the serving line may change without an udpate to the website menu.


Highland Park High Cafeteria uses Skyward to manage Student’s Accounts


The HPISD maintains a cafeteria Point Of Sale software program that allows parents

to safely and easily put money into their child/ren’s account, eliminating the need to send

cash with their child on a daily basis.

To avoid Low or Negative Balances, Parents are encouraged to use Auto Pay or Email notifications

Thru Skyward, Parent can set up notices and auto pay -


Directions to set up Low Meal Balance Notification and Recurring payments

Can be found on

in the PARENT section


Parent can also apply payments of cash or check with the manager or breakfast cashier

No checks may be post-dated or held for deposit


. The policy at Highland Park High PTA Food Service on low or negative cafeteria account balances:

Accounts with a balance of $2  or less will receive a low balance notification on a weekly basis. Accounts with a negative $2 will be placed on Temporary Hold and the student will be required to pay cash.

Seniors only. Anytime a senior account becomes negative- the account will be placed on permanent hold. 

Starting May 1st of each school year, no student will be allowed to go into a negative balance. At the time of purchasing a meal, if the student’s balance becomes negative, he/she must pay cash.

Image Source: Food Allergy Management and Education Manual and Tool-Kit provided by St. Louis Children's Hospital

For additional information about food allergies please see the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team's website.



Keep our students healthy

Please observe all serving procedures.

Wash hands when arriving and whenever you leave the serving area.

Wear disposable gloves and change the glove when you handle anything other than serving utensils or serving pans.

Use only designated serving utensils. Between servings, keep serving utensils in the food item with handle placed on the side of the pan.

Remove your apron before entering the restroom. Hook is provided on the exterior of the restroom door.

Do not eat or drink from an open cup in the serving or cooking area.

Break area is available at back of kitchen.

Any question about serving size, please ask an employee.


Beverage Sold on Serving Line Weekly


 7:30 AM - 8:20 AM

10:50 AM -1:30 PM


Students  2207 

Faculty 200

Bottled Water 4800
LG Bottled Water 840
Milk 850
Juice 450
Sunny D 72
Fountain Soda 22-28
Vended Beverage Sold
Available to Students, Faculty and Visitors
Bottled Water 480
Bottled Soda (Dr Pepper Products) 270
Canned Soda (Non Dr Pepper Products) 90
Sports Drinks 56
Other Drinks 36


Contact Information

Joan Bayes BA Hotel/Restaurant, MBA, NACUFS
HPHS Food Service Manager
4220 Emerson Dallas, TX 75205


214-780-3801 (fax)