Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

Competitive colleges and the HPHS Alpha Plus Diploma require three years of the same language. Most colleges and the HPHS Alpha Diploma require only two years of the same language. Many studies have shown that no other course strengthens a student's command of English more than foreign language. Foreign language students score higher on college entrance exams. The focus is the development of proficiency in authentic use and in oral proficiency in particular. All languages carry a significant cultural component.

Students who study a modern language through Level 2 will have knowledge of a language and culture that permits them to understand, speak, read, and write at a level sufficient to function in familiar social and limited work situations. Students who continue their study through Level 3 or higher will further develop their skills in conversation and will be able to interact with native speakers in spoken communication. Students in Level 3 and above will be introduced to literature and composition.


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