Highland Park High School Ambassadors
The purpose of the Highland Park High School Student Ambassadors is to serve as the "first face" of HPHS. They are a select group of about 50 student leaders who are trained to assist with important public relations and communication services for HPHS. The Ambassadors inform students and parents about HPHS’s programs, including academics and extra-curricular opportunities. They personalize the campus and make visitors feel welcome and comfortable by demonstrating sincerity, enthusiasm, credibility, interest, and helpfulness. The Ambassadors is an organization that exists to support HPHS through professional service while upholding and sharing its rich traditions.

The HPHS Student Ambassadors program was begun by the HPHS Counseling Department in 2012 to help meet the demands of making our guests and students (both current and new) feel more a part of HPHS.

Sponsor: Candace Conner, Mindy McMinn

Meeting Location:


Meeting Schedule:

A schedule of meetings and mandatory events is given to each Ambassador at the beginning of the school year.

Application Process:

The Ambassador selection process typically begins after Spring Break each school year. Applications are made available online, and students are given a two week window to print, complete the application and return the packet to the counseling office. Submissions are date-stamped, and late submissions are not accepted.

The application committee reviews each submission and selects those most qualified for an interview with the committee. New Ambassadors are selected from the interviewees, and all applicants are notified via email.

Prior leadership experience is not required to apply to be an HPHS Ambassador.

Membership Requirements:

Upon selection, Ambassadors remain active in the organization till they graduate from high school. They must be involved in each of the mandatory events, and are given many opportunities for service during the school year for which they are expected to volunteer.

Ambassadors are expected to adhere to the HPHS Code of Conduct, and are subject to the consequences if they fail to abide by such Codes of Conduct.

Membership Fees:


Community Service:

Ambassadors are awarded 10 community service hours each year. 

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