Hearts & Crafts
The purpose of "Hearts & Crafts" is to design beneficial art projects for those in need.

Sponsor: Addi Locke

President: Mia London, Lexi Epstein
(Email Mia) (Email Lexi)

Meeting Location:
Tuesday: WC212, Saturday: 3912 Purdue Avenue

Meeting Schedule:
We will meet once or twice a month. This includes one meeting at 7:15 AM on Tuesday to organize and plan our service project, and one meeting on Saturday to execute the project. Additional meetings may be added for delivery of art projects.

Application Process: New applicants are accepted at the beginning of the year after the Club Fair. There is no GPA requirement.

Membership Requirements: The requirements to maintain membership are attendance of at least two meetings (organizational or service project) per semester.

Membership Fees:

Community Service Requirements:
Members will participate in art projects and fundraisers.