Junior Society of 65 Roses
The Junior Society of 65 Roses is a club that helps bring money and awareness into the research and practice of creating the cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

Sponsor: Jenni Hixson

President: Sophie Ward
(Email Sophie)

Meeting Location:

Meeting Schedule:
Tuesdays at 3:30 after school.

Application Process: We begin accepting lower-classman applicants during the club fair. The new officers are chosen during the end of the first semester of the school year. The officer positions are given to the Junior class and they will hold their position until the next school year.

Membership Requirements: There are no membership requirements. If you are interested in becoming an officer it is recommended that you attend every meeting and bring the supplies that are needed.

Membership Fees:

Community Service Requirements:
Donation of 2 Stockings for the stocking drive.

We keep a Facebook group for the new members of 65 Roses. Once we get a list of members from the club drive, one of the officers adds all of the girls into the group and that is where any updates or news is held.