Z Club
After people with intellectual disabilities graduate high school most of their social activities end, and they can find it hard to be involved it activities and stay busy. The mission of Zclub is to provide activities for those graduates.

Sponsor: Laney Walker

President: Caroline Bell
(Email Caroline)

Meeting Location:
depending on location of activites

Meeting Schedule:
Meeting schedule will be decided based on event. The scheduling will be made far enough in advance to make arrangements and give notice to the secretary if you can not attend.

Application Process: Process: Zclub accepts new applicants year round by email, text or communication with club board members.

Membership Requirements: Dedication to the club and all events is required; few excuses will be tolerated. This is not only dedication to those in the high school, but to many people who are relying on Zclub.

Membership Fees:

Community Service Requirements:
community service opertunity