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Welcome to the Highland Park Virtual Academy

Are you a Highland Park High School student who is looking for an exciting online course that offers you the opportunity to work at your own pace?  You have come to the right place.

HPVA was created and developed by our HPISD teachers. These courses incorporate 21st century skills in instructional design, delivery, and implementation.

No credits may be earned from an out-of-district electronic course if the electronic course is offered in the District (School Board Local Policy EIF, EHDE, & EEJC.)

All online courses require the final exam to be taken in the teacher's presence.

For more information about these courses, please contact the teachers:


Current courses being offered:

  • Physics I - $400.00 per semester
Corequisite: Algebra II

For grades 10, 11, 12

(1 credit)

This course surveys basic concepts in Physics, including motion, forces, energy, momentum, gravitation, electricity, magnetism, light and modern physics. A “modeling” approach is taken, where students participate in laboratory experiments and activities aimed at better understanding concepts. Problem-solving is at the level of Algebra II.

  • United States Government - $400.00 per semester
Prerequisite: US History or US History AP

For grade 12

(.5 credit)

Prerequisite: US History or US History AP

For grade 12

(.5 credit)

In Government, the focus is on the principles and beliefs upon which the United States was founded and on the structure, functions, and powers of government at the national, state, and local levels. This course is the culmination of the civic and governmental content and concepts studied from kindergarten through required secondary courses. Students learn major political ideas and forms of government in history. A significant focus of the course is on the U.S. Constitution. Students analyze the impact of individuals, political parties, interest groups and the media on the American political system, evaluate the importance of voluntary individual participation in a democratic society, and analyze the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Students will use critical thinking skills to create a product on a contemporary government issue.

Click here for more information about the online U.S. Government course.

  • Math Models - $400.00 per semester
Prerequisite: Algebra I, Geometry

For grades 11, 12

(1 credit)

Students build on K-8 and Algebra I foundations by using algebraic, graphical and geometric reasoning to recognize patterns and structure, to model information and to solve problems from various disciplines. Second semester will focus on preparing students for the exit-level TAKS test.