Community Partners

Interested in becoming a community partner?

The HPHS Sr. Internship Program is an Interdisciplinary Studies Mentor Seminar course that provides participants with an opportunity to research and prepare for their post-secondary and career interest(s). All participants are required to complete a non-paid internship each semester as one component of their research plan. We can only provide this with the assistance of practicing professionals who are willing to share about their work and possibly allow a student to shadow them or intern under their guidance for a period of time. If you would like to partner with us for one or multiple reasons please click on the appropriate survey(s) to give us your information:

  • To submit 1) a project for individual or group contract work, 2) a shadowing opportunity, and/or 3) volunteer to speak with students or student groups about your work,  CLICK HERE.
  • To submit an internship opportunity  CLICK HERE.

*All work is non-paid (for up to ten hours a week) because they are receiving course credit.

The following are some of the parameters and requirements:

  • Mentors and students will work together to create an 8-10 hour working schedule for each week unless the intern will be splitting each week with another organization.
  • Mentors must approve weekly time-sheets online and submit a brief summary for each week. 
  • Mentors must complete evaluations once each semester for each intern. 
  • Students must work under the supervision and/or guidance of a mentor. 

2017-18 Internship Stage

  • Fall: Oct. 2-Nov. 21 and Spring: Jan. 29-May 1 

Current Internship Supervisors

In order to sign into the Sr. Internship Management system, please click HERE. Please let us know if you encounter any problems logging in the system or approving a student's hours.